Line up of Teragaki Music Speaker

TERRA-SP3000 Matthew

SP3000 is the very highest model of the Teragaki Speaker.

It has continued to advance ever since its shocking debut.

It vividly reproduces the live atmosphere of the concert hall, the breath of the performers, and the instrumental tones.

Everyone who hears it gets surprised by saying, “This is a musical instrument, not a speaker.”

TERRA-SP3000 Matthew

SIZE: 46 cm (width) x 48 cm (depth) x 80 cm (height)


WOODEN FRAME: Tamo laminated wood, Teak veneer

COLOR: Reddish brown

Price:3,000,000(JPY)(+Tax & Shipping fee )

TERRA SP1000 (the new model made in 2022)

A high-end model of the Teragaki Speaker.

The new model of TERRA SP1000 is a streamlined model that retains the same performance as the first model.

The new model of TERRA SP1000 has produced more elegant Teragaki sound by removing the panel edge. This will be applied to all the Teragaki Speakers as their standards.


SIZE: 30.5 cm (width)x 18 cm (depth)x 55.5 cm (height)

WEIGHT: Approx. 12 Kg

WOODEN FRAME: Glued laminated tamo wood, Teak veneer,

COLOR: Reddish brown

PANEL: Balsa wood, Serac varnish coating

UNIT: 2x 20W 4Ω + 2 x 20W 8Ω (Teragaki Unit)


PRICE:880,000(JPY)(+Tax & Shipping fee)


TERRA-SP300 is the best-selling model and it has the highest number of units sold in Japan and abroad. SP300 will allow you to enjoy the Teragaki sound which is nowhere else possible at an affordable price.

SP300 is said to be sufficient for chamber music so that it has been well-loved by many users.


SIZE: 31 cm (width), 18 cm (depth), 46.5 cm (height)

WEIGHT: Approx. 9 kg

WOODEN FRAME: Glued laminated tamo wood, Teak veneer

COLOR: Reddish brown

PANEL: Balsa wood, Serac varnish coating

UNIT: 1 x 20W 4 Ω + 1 x 20W 8 Ω (Teragaki Unit)


PRICE:330,000(JPY)(+Tax & Shipping fee)


The insects that chirp in the long autumn nights do so in such a way that they make their thin inner wings rub against each other, the faint frictional vibrations resonating in their taut bodies and legs.

The same applies to musical instruments. The violin, for example, makes such a beautiful sound when you rub the hair of a bow against the strings, faint sound of the frictional vibration resonates through the bridge into the body of the instrument.

When the device of phonograph was invented, the principle of the nature’s sound amplification system was utilized.The sound reproduced by the needle tip picking up friction and weak vibrations and resonating with the trumpet-shaped resonator, was unadorned and tasteful.We can say that The Teragaki Speaker is a successor of the device of phonograph.The Teragaki Speaker has such a mechanism that it converts faint voltage changes into faint vibrations with the voice coil and resonates them through a single thin curved board.

The Speaker’s sound quality is determined by the shape of the panel, the degree of its curvature, the number of varnish coatings, the positioning, and the number of ribs to control excessive resonance.The Speaker has solved the conventional problems of the speakers, “rubber thumping noise” and “box vibration.”Many music lovers and audiophiles are surprised when they hear the Speaker’s natural and highly transparent sound for the first time.Moreover, a wide range of listening positions is allowed because the resonant sound spreads 360 degrees in three dimensions from the front, back, left, right, and top.


Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Rozengurt

Thank you for the wonderful work of art.

I’ve never experienced better audio equipment than Teragaki!!! This is the best in the world! I’ve already been listening to the music for 5 hours and can’t leave the room! It’s as if I bought a concert ticket and listened to real Paganini’s performance! AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!!!!! I really feel myself being in front of the performers!

I forget to sleep! I have about 2000 CDs at home and I want to listen to them all again! This is truly the best tool in the world! The fact that you’ve created these speakers with your heart and soul is so unique. I won’t sell these speakers to anyone! I’ll never change my mind!

I’ve been listening to SP3000 Moses for three days, and I can’t leave the room.

The wonderful music sounds reproduced by it are amazingly lively, natural and soft!

It’s music only! I’m immersed in the atmosphere that the performers produced!

My father, an amplifier maker, is delighted, too! I’m overwhelmed by my own emotions as I’m delighted! I deeply thank you! May the Almighty keep you and your family safe and in good health!

It’s great news that Maestro Leon Fiterstein, who was the conductor of an orchestra in Moscow for 30 years, came to our home today.

He lives in Nazareth, too. His son is the world famous clarinetist Alexander Fiterstein.

Mr. Leon Fiterstein, a conductor

As a conductor, Mr. Leon Fiterstein told me that in his life he never liked anything but live music. I played for him jazz, classical, chamber, and rock music. He listened to them with his eyes closed.He was impressed, saying, “All genres of instruments sound natural, especially baroque music sounds sacred, very natural, and realistic.

Mr. Maxim Vriasov and his studio, who is a sculptor and lives in Krasnoyarsk, Russia.

… There is only me and the music.

I have an SP-300 model in my studio and I always listen to classical music, choral music, and live instruments. The sounds are vibrant, deep, realistic, and very natural. It seems to me that all the sounds blend into the universe. I often forget that they are reproduced by musical equipment. There is only me and the music.

Mr. N’s living room in Hanno City, Saitama Prefecture, Japan.

I’m impressed….

I tried with the Teragaki Unit a variety of music, including rock, jazz, classical, Tsugaru jamisen, recorder. I felt as if I was at a concert hall with the open ceiling space.

Ever since I moved to a remote area, I haven’t been to a concert for a long time, but now I can enjoy excellent music without going all the way to the city. I’m so grateful. Thank you for your continued support.